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What about meat selling?

Ask Balakhilya

24-prodaja-myasaQuestion:What should I do if I’m a vegetarian, but my activities are connected with meat selling?

If possible, change your activities.

I’ll tell you a personal story. I became a vegetarian before I knew anything about this philosophy. And, uniquely enough, I was working in a steakhouse as a waiter. I knew about karma, and I knew if you ate meat, you’d get a lot of karma. But I was a vegetarian. So every night when I went to work, I would serve all of my customers their meat. And I would think, “They are getting so much karma from eating this meat!”

But, of course, I was thinking, “I’m a vegetarian, I don’t get this karma, I know better!” Then I met my spiritual master. He asked me what I did and I told him, and then he told me, “If you are serving that meat, you…

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No purpose in life

Balakhilya Das Answers

Question:What would you recommend to a person who has no purpose in life?

Answer: Learn what I have been saying, actually accept this, understand this. Your purpose in life is to reestablish your relationship with God, that’s your purpose in life. If you start to do this, you’ll have a reason to get up in the morning. If you love someone, you have a reason to live.

People may get in some earthquake or some war, or they are down under some rubble in the earthquake and their reason to live is because they have got a wife and children, and they want to see them. So they hang on, they do amazing things to survive because they are living for the ones they love. If not, they give up long ago.

When God is the person that you are living for, you have a real purpose in life…

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Balakhilya das in Almaty, April-May 2013, September 2013

Balakhilya Das Travels

Balakhilya das in Almaty, April-May 2013, September 2013

Retreat in Almaty, April-May 2013, September 2013

In spring 2013 Balakhilya das arrived in Almaty again. Anyone and everyone could attend his three public lectures: “The Vedas: an ancient science about the soul”, “Meditation: the easiest way to harmony” and “Yoga diet”. Balakhilya das, along with a small team of assistants, also visited the BAL (Big Almaty Lake) and had an unforgettable kirtan there! And in September, prior to the public lecturing, there was a Yoga day on the Butakovka river.

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Balakhilya Das in Novosibirsk, October 2012

Balakhilya Das Travels

Balakhilya das in Novosibirsk, October 2012

Retreat in Novosibirsk, October 2012

Siberia has very beautiful nature, even in the early spring and late fall. Our retreat was held at a hotel located not very far from the center of the city, so everyone could get there. A pine-birch forest near the hotel was a favorite place for taking walks and doing group and individual meditations.

Aside from the public lectures of Balakhilya das (“Yoga and Meditation”, “Yoga Diet”), there was also a Musical Evening Yoga Party. A dance and light show, a theater performance, musical compositions and songs in Sanskrit, sweet treats… No one could resist!

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What is the right attitude towards life

Balakhilya Das Answers

Question:What is the right attitude towards everything that happens to a person: the manifestations of maya (the illusory energy), distress and happiness, people’s actions, etc.?

Answer: Well, everything is a result of our previous actions. So our karma is unfolding all the time and as we engage in material activities we are creating future results. That is the whole idea: you have to transcend this world of karmic reactions, maya (illusion). And by studying, learning and practicing the process of Bhakti yoga you can do it.

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